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>> eric: back with the doctors. you know, extensive sweating can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. but it could be more than the weather that can cause some people to perspire. it could be a real health issue. >> it's a real issue and it can
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be very embarrassing. they go through shirt after shirt and they are soaking wet. their sweat glands are secreting a lot of fluid. that's what it is. i will talk about it with surgery. before that, what i found is sage tea, s-a-g-e at a is one of those teas that reduces sweating and it's good for cholesterol and hair. >> eric: sage tea? >> yes. but as a surgeon, botox is very popular because it slows down the sweat glands. as a surgery, we can remove a sweat gland and the sympathetic nerve, we can block and that's the final treatment for them. >> if drying agents don't work, when they often don't. there is a process where you literally put your feet in water and they give you a low-dose electrical current that works for sweating in the hands and feet, but not under the arms. you can use it battery or plug it into the pull.
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it's called ionophoresis. it works on the hands and the feet. >> great information today. >> >> eric: as always. >> good to see you. >> don't try this at home without a doctor involved. >> jamie: take care. >> eric: we begin a new hour with the fox news alert. we are just hours away from the start of the daytona 500. that, of course, the day after that horrific crash that left at least 33 fans injured. >> jamie: so unexpected, so unbelievable. you are taking a live look at speedway, crews worked through the night to repair a massive hole, after kyle larson's car went airborne, sending huge chunks of debris and evenly a tire sailing through the crowd. rescuers carried injured fans down on stretchers before taking them to a local hospital. >> eric: that can be so
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dangerous. this is a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: the speedway president has responded to this, saying they are looking for ways to improve fan safety. just in time, they say the crash won't affect today's daytona 500. we go there live for more. hi, rick. >> reporter: hey, jamie. not just a tire flew up into the stand, but the entire wheel came off, so the brakes and everything flying all the way up, farther into the stands. and the engine of the car, completely coming out of his car and landing inside the fence. that causing all the problems with the 33 injuries, we know at this point that there are no injuries that are life threatening and that's good news for the folks here. generally, at the end of a race like that, there is a winner and in this case, it was tony stewart. typically, there is a huge celebration. this time, it was more muted because of the accident. take a listen to how tony
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stewart responded to his win. >> as much as it's gratifying to win, when you have something like that happens, you don't think about winning, you think about what's going on. i will feel better when i know that everybody up there and all the drivers are all right. you know, to me, that's first and foremost on our mind. >> reporter: yeah, now they know that everybody is fine. you wonder if the drivers have any kind of residual impact or fear today. earlier, i talked to michael waltrip, a veteran of the sport. he has raced the daytona 500 26 time, won twice and was the winner the year that dale earnhardt died right here at the last turn at the daytona speedway. take a look at what he has had to say about the evolving of the cars and how much more safe they are. >> with dale's death, we had four race drivers killed that year. and nascar stepped up and we
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have made racing much safer. yesterday prove, it's difficult to guard against everything. >> reporter: it's really true. although when you saw that accident and the shape the cars were in after the accident, to see kyle larson walk out of that car uninjured is really quite remarkable. they feel good about it. today, the car they are riding on is a brand-new car they are introducing this year into the sprint cup. it will be the first major race in that. they feel it's a safe car, but it will be a car they are not used to so possibly will see some action again on the track. >> jamie: not that kind of action, though. thank you, rick. see you later. >> eric: a fox news alert with the budget battle that has been raging in washington. we are just five days away from those across-the-board cuts that are supposed to take place. the so-called sequestration. the lawmakers have been laying
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out the arguments on both side this is morning. but there is no end in sight as this deadline is looming. steve centanni has the details. >> yeah, there could be impacts far and wide if the sequester goes through in just a few days. now the secretary of transportation, ray la hood saying he will make as many cuts as possible in contracts and other areas, but eventually, he would be forced to cut air traffic controllers, delaying flights across the country. >> in the end, there has to be some kind of furlough of air traffic controllers and that, then, will also begin to curtail or eliminate the opportunity for them to guide planes in and out of airports. >> reporter: both president obama and members of congress have not sat down for a last-minute negotiation that could avert this. each side says the other is playing politics with the issue.
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>> so why is it that we can't come to the table and agree what cuts need to happen? that's what we should be doing. we shouldn't be passing the blame to the executive branch or saying this is obam's sequester. >> reporter: the pentagon would take a major hit, forcing a reduction in training that could mean longer tours of duty for troops in afghanistan. senator john mccain says we should listen to the warnings of the generals. >> if we don't believe our military leaders, who in the world do we believe? i think that what we are doing now to the men and women who are serving is unconscionable because they deserve a predictable life in the military. >> reporter: the nation's governors are worried about what would happen in their own state fist those budget cuts take effect. listen. >> all of this have a real concern about the impact in our respective states,ing in terms of the potential cuts if they do nothing, but in terms of the
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alternatives. >> reporter: the sequester takes effect march 1 unless congress takes action to stop it, eric. >> eric: all right, steve. how do we avoid the gut-wrenching, government, financial roller coasters and get our nation back to real economic health? one of the governors, a government official taking action on taxes happens to be a veteran of washington who served in washington in the senate, the republican governor of kansas, sam brownback. >> good to join you. >> eric: you are in washington for the meeting of the governors. what are you talking about? what do you predict will happen in the sequestration does kick in on friday? >> well, i mean, we are talking about a lot of things, a lot of health care. but the sequestration that is happening. if the sequestration happen, you will see across-the-board cuts, the one we are looking at the most is towards the military furloughs, possible, to take place. we have major military bases in the state.
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>> eric: what would that mean to you and to your state? >> a big reduction of income and a big hit on a number of families that would take place if that happens. on the other hand, i am glad we are talking about how you start dealing with the debt and deficit. i really would urge the president and the congress to sit down and really talk this thing through. >> eric: john mccain is saying they should call up folks to camp david. do you think this president really will do that or this congress? you served for many years on capitol hill? >> well, it happens every year at the state legislature. we have a budget. we get towards the end. there is disagreement between the house, senate and the governor. and we sit down and you sit down multiple times a day and you say, i will do this, i i can't do that, but kitry this and you work it through t. happens in every state, every year. this is not a foreign concept. so i really do think the president needs to step up and the congress needs to be open to
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saying let's have sessions -- go to camp david. but let's really dig through the nuts and bolts and the pieces of this to get something done by march worn. >> eric: beyond that, you have had suggested and it's working in kansas, to do something quite remarkable to some people, trying to get rid of the income tax. what do you think you can prescribe to the nation so that we avoid the sequestrations and the financial cliffs and the fiscal cliffs so we can get together and solve this problem? >> you know, it sounds overly simplistic, but for too long, government has focused on the revenue side, but not on the spending side of the equation. what i have done and many governors have done is really digging into the spend side of the equation to look at how much rent are you paying for this building? what are we paying for this? how much service are we getting? do we really need to do this? so you focus on key areas and some case, grow those, put more funds in it, but other areas
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say, we are going to sell this building so we can have it on somebody else's expenditure. what we have to do at the federal level is dig into the nuts and bolts of the spend side of this. at the same time, have you to get growth taking place, that means tax structure has to encourage growth. >> on the federal level, it's so big, you know that, who is going to do this? is this up to the executive or up to congress? >> you have smart people. but have you to task them to do it and then have you to get a barrier. the thing we have never had at the federal level is a balanced budget amendment. that's something that 49 of 50 states have. well, now, you are getting up against your barrier at the federal level and it's time to dig in. this is doable. it will be better at the end when we get it done, but i think you can look at a lot of statess that have handled these problems already. >> eric: let's take a look at debt clock. i mean, this is spinning and
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spinning. we are -- there it is... getting up to more than $16.5 beyond. can we cut the debt to get back to fiscal health? >> i think you k. have to do two things at the same time. you have to really dig into your spending, line by line, piece by piece and cut your spending. i came in, i had a $500 million projected deficit, now we have a $500 million surplus in a year and-a-half and we cut taxes. but have you to get growth happening. growth is essential. we have a record number of new business formations because we took our tax off of all llc incomes. people move in and they start up and they grow. get the spend down and get growth taking place and you can do it. but it has to be done at the same time. >> but what about those who think it could be regressive,
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not having an income tax could really hurt working people? >> well, i just say, look at the data. have you a series of states that don't have any income tax, and they are generally some of the most growth-oriented stated in america. you can question regressist with it or a sales tax. i think those are legitimate questions to raise. but i think the american public wants to see job creation and the federal government needs to see revenue growth and growth in the economy and i think that's the key thing for us. how can we get the economy to grow in this country. >> eric: do you see -- now that you are back in washington, after many years there, do you see any hope, do you see any light at the end of the tunnel? we are going through this constantly, i mean, what is going on? what should they do? how do we kick them in the butt to get something done? >> it's starting to be confronted. unfortunately, for many years, this wasn't even confronted. now you are getting the
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sequestration limit, things the states finish every year, they are called balancing budgets. i am glad the discussion is finally started. it's a little late. but that's typical in public policy making. you have to have a prairie fire coming at you 6 feet high before people go, okay, we have to start thinking about what we ought to do around here? you think this will go through on friday? what's your prediction? >> i can't tell. it looks like a number of people are willing to just let this one go ahead and happen. we are preparing as if this is going to happen. i just really do hope the sides get together and get realistic about it, we do have to deal with our debt and deficit. it's time we start confronting these problems. >> eric: a warning and advice from governor sam brownback. we thank you so much for talking about the fiscal prairie fire, consuming our nation. >> thank you. >> eric: governor brownback.
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>> jamie: thanks, eric. it's hard to believe that there is potentially more trouble for the family of disabled olympic runner, oscar pistorius. the double amputeee, known as the blade runner is out on bail for killing his girlfriend on valentine's day. but now his brother is facing homicide charges for death of a woman in a 2008 crash. we go live to south africa for that. jewel hey, jamie. another bombshell in this case. a lawyer for the family of pist pistorious is charged with culpable homicide, defined as negligent killing without intent, the u.s. equivalent is involuntary manslaughter. the police say he drove into a woman motorcyclist and killed
8:16 am
her. the lawyer claiming that she ran into him. bizarrely, carl pistorious was supposed to go on trial last thursday, when his brother was in the dock for killing reeva steenkamp. his trial has been postponed to next month. a probe into the killing is in high gear. forensic and ballistic evidence is being analyzed and cell phones are being scrutinized. it is believed that reeva made contact with another man that night. examined autopsy results as oscar pistorius is at his unceg's house. he is supposed to check in with police two times a week. the earliest time for his trial is early june. we have heard from the father of the family, reeva steenkamp stayed with when she was in the area. her own family's home is 600
8:17 am
miles away. in an interview, he says he got an msm message from her hours before she was killed and it said, and i quote, hi, guys, i am too tired. it is too far to drive home. i'm sleeping at oscar's tonight. i will see you tomorrow. as we know, there was no tomorrow for her. >> stay on this for us. thank you. >> it's an historic sunday morning in vatican city, where the pope made his second to last public appearance before he steps down on thursday. coming up, we will discuss pope benedict's legacy and give you a short list of who could succeed him. >> jamie: have you heard of identity theft? there is a new warning about it. we don't want to you get your identity stolen. you are at risk. we will tell you how to protect yourself, coming up in my take charge consumer protection segment. >> eric: drivers are gearing up for the daytona 500, a day after
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the horrific crash that injured dozens of fans. we'll have the latest, live from the speedway, ahead. (crickets c) bill: you might just wanna trade that one in. ♪music announcer: the spring fishing classic starts this weekend at bass pro shops. during our reel trade-in sale save up to $100 more on a new reel when you trade one in.
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>> jamie: breaking today, the senate finance committee set to vote on former white house chief of staff jack liu's confirm -- jack lew's conif i weration. it would then move to the full senate and a floor vote could come as early as this week. >> eric: to the voter fraud unit, in an update from ohio, where authorities say six cases of suspected voter fraud have been sent to prosecutor, including one involving a nun. reports from cincinnati say the hamilton county board of elections received an absentee ballot for the presidential election from 78-year-old sister rosemary uyite on october 11, but that was eight days after she died and the ballot was dated before the board mailed out the ballots, another sister of charity nun has confessed.
8:23 am
there is probable cause for a crime. remember last sunday? she could face charge, the obama supporter and veteran poll worker who admitted she voted twice. investigators are trying to determine if she may have voted as many as six times in the presidential election. she was supposed to show up in a board hearing on friday to explain herself. but now miss richardson has a lawyer and she was not questioned. she said she voted for her granddaughter. her granddaughter told us, yeah, she did. you can't vote twice. and it's rill legal to vote for somebody else. last week in florida, a felon has been charged with voter fraud after showing up in a meeting with a probation officer with an "i voted early" sticker. it's illegal for a felon to vote. and two other felons in florida have been charged with illegal voting. if you suspect problems where you live, there's our address, voter fraud.
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>> jamie: we came across this new survey this week that shows that identity theft is at a three-year high. you can believe there is a new victim of identity theft every three seconds -- cash gone, credit ruined, maybe your computer gets hacked. the results can be devastating. so in our consumer take charge segment, i wanted you to know the latest techniques and the cure so you can take charge and protect yourself. we have an identity theft expert and hot spot shield consultant. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> jamie: what are the latest methods? >> bad guys forever have been using the social security number as a primary identifier, opening up new accounts and taking over existing accounts. credit card fraud has been higho the radar and now they are going after store cards, store cards
8:25 am
being the major retailers, our existing store cards, opening up new ones or taking over existing ones. with the store cards, the retailers and the consumers are not paying as much attention to the charges and often those charges go through. >> jamie: the good news under the survey altleast is that the consumers are not having to bear the brunt of a lot of -- at least the plastic fraud because there are limitations on it. but what information should you never give out? >> jamie: you know, you hear don't give out your social. but the reality is if you are going to function in a society that requires it, you have to give it out. really on social media, be careful about the type of information you are dwiging that could crack a password for taking over an account. knowledge-based question and answers to reset a password is information you shouldn't be giving out. >> jamie: how often should you change your passwords? is it safe to use the same
8:26 am
password for everything. >> i change my password at least annually. and you should have upper case, lower case, numbers and letters, never have the same passwor for two accounts. i probably have 700 passwords and know five of them because i have a password manager. >> jamie: how about storing your passwords on your computer? >> if you store them, that's fine. it's important to back them up in the cloud. >> jamie: really? you trust the cloud? >> yeah. the cloud's fine. you know, major corporations that have -- or even small startups that have 256 bit encryption, it's relatively bullet proof. they have a lot more security on their networks than we do on ours. >> jamie: as part of this survey -- when dimy research, which i know our producers passed on to you, there are so many computer protection programs you can buy now. which ones really work, not by name, necessarily, but when you look at the box, what should it
8:27 am
stay? >> so when it comes to anti-virus, you want to go for paid as opposed to free. paid has much more security built into it. make sure it has anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing and your wireless with a virtual private network for your wireless on any of these devices is really important. you want to look at gray charges on your credit cards. gray charges are charges that the retailers will make on your credit card for products and services that you didn't authorize, often gray charges are eclipsing fraud and just paying more attention to your accounts than ever, refuting unauthorized charges as well. >> jamie: you are helping other people by doing that. wifi hot spot, any additional risks in those areas? >> yeah. so with your wifi hot spots,
8:28 am
you are communicating all of your information over wireless networks that can be seen if the informs is not encrypted. so one free tool is called hot spot shield and that locks down your wireless connection, whether it's on your android, your tablet, your mac, your p.c., protects your data while it's in the air. >> jamie: full disclosure. you are a consultant to hot spot shield and program. >> yes. >> jamie: great to have you here with the general informs. thank you. if you want to get more on how to take charge on a number of consumer issue, it's really easy. go to and you will see a link to many of this program's consumer protection segments. we are looking out for you. >> eric: love that password advice. >> jamie: change them all. don't use your name.
8:29 am
>> eric: have you to remember them. >> eric: coming up, we will have the latest on two american who is are missing and the state department is joining the search. two tourists vanished in a bike trek in south america. the latest on their disappearance, coming up. >> jamie: when a terrifying scene at the daytona international speedway. the exrash on the track ended up hurting dozens in the stands. it is complicating preparations for today's daytona 500. who will sit in those seats? [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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>> welcome back. we have been telling you about the across-the-board spending cuts that are days away and a key republican senator is calling on the white house to stop an administrative effort to stop more government spending. senator tom coburn has asked officials to cancel what he says
8:34 am
is a planned 100-city tour designed to help local governments alie and get more federal money. so while congress is trying to find ways to cut spending, is this critical of administration? does it make sense to do both? we have the director of outreach for freedomworks and a fox news contributor and a former chief of staff to west virginia senator joe mansion. guy, welcome. >> good morning. >> jamie: it's confusing because on the one hand, we are talking about the cuts and on the other end, we are talk about this representatives going state to state. they have only done one so far to help them apply for and get more federal money. where is the money coming from? >> this is the obama dependency tour. we should be looking at ways to cut the spending. we know that obama wants to fundamentally transform america. the more americans depending on government, the better for him. we for spenning over $75 billion for food stamps, over $47
8:35 am
million americans depend on food stamps. $2 billion for cell phones. it's the obama dependency tour. i think it's absolutely outrageous, the way that our country is funding money that we don't have. it's a way to gain votes. >> jamie: chris, let me ask youked about the other side of it, then. obviously, even with sequestration, there will be money spent. so these representatives from a lot of agencies will go and meet with states and see what's really necessary and help them get t. what's your thought on that? >> you are right. here's the reality of how government works. i mean, these kind of government programs, aid to local states, they happen on republican and democratic administrations because the government is going to spend, no matter what you want to cut, we will cut the next $2 trillion, we will have a budget of $3 trillion every year, there are government
8:36 am
programs to help first responders and to help local economic development, that's separate from the more important discussion of how we cut government spending in a responsible way. here's the facts. the facts are when you look at discretionary spending, it is the lowest percentage of gdp since the eisenhower administration. if you want to cut and not have states, asimpact on the governors have mentioned all about today, then have you to do it in a responsible, balanced fashion. the fundamental problem the republicans have is they have a dependence on tax cuts that don't make sense when have you such a significant economic and fiscal problem facing the country. you can't keep giving tax cuts to the wealthy and think that's going to turn around an economy -- >> what we need is real tax reform and that is lowering the -- making the tax a level playing field so everybody has skin in the game. how about a flat tax so everyone is involved and stap redistributing the wealth?
8:37 am
hour government can't cut 2% from spending. i think it's outrageous. but the tea party people will be waiting for this tour to come about and these cities across the country. we will be waiting -- >> what are they going to do? >> we wanted less spending and lower government involvement -- [overlapping dialogue] >> jamie: chris? >> i hate to burst your bubble, but if the tea party was such a powerful political force, you would have shown it in the last election, you are losing in state after that -- >> the tea party is well on the case i. let me finish -- [overlapping dialogue] >> jamie: chris? >> the fundamental problem i think facing the tea party is that they don't make mathematical sense. you cannot have a multi-trillion-dollar deficit and debt problem that you can solve -- >> our current administration -- >> jamie: let me jump in. i appreciate that you are so passionate about the topic,
8:38 am
that's why you are here on both sides. jeanine and i want to you respond, chris, what about closing loopholes? >> listen, obama has given more money to his crony capitalist friends -- what about that?! the fact that we need -- how about a flat tax? this way, everyone has skin in the game. we have over 50% of americans not paying federal taxes in our country. that's part of the problem as well. don't bring out first responders and play on people's emotions and try to gin up public opinion on emotions that the police will be there when we need them. >> jamie: this is public airline safety. >> what about closing the loopholes, do you see that as a bipartisan effort to take a really good look and would that save money to then have the money to spend on the things we must? >> i would say you have to do something dramatic to get spending under control. the question is what do do you? in terms of loophoacialtion i
8:39 am
think you can have tax reform. a flat tax doesn't work because it's regressive. it hurts those who don't make much and helps those at the top end. putting that aside, have you republicans and democrats agree that there has to be a tax reform. the president proposed tax reform. the president is pushing tax reform. it is thep republicans that are walking away from that because they have come to the conclusion they want to see the sequestered cuts go through and they want to see what the impact is. that's the unfortunate part. >> jamie: have to go. we have to watch to see if they do go through. most of the predictions on this program have been that they will -- on both sides of the aisle. >> thanks. >> jamie: eric? >> theus u.s. state department is joining the search for a couple from california who are missing in peru. they are from the bay area. they were chronicling their bike trek in south america on
8:40 am
facebook. but a month ago, their updates suddenly stopped. we have the latest now. >> reporter: this young california couple set out on the advantage of a lifetime, a cycling trip throughout south america, but as of late january, they haven't been heard from. they were last seen in peru. the two had been keeping in regular contact with family members through facebook. they were posting shots of their travels in argentina and dhily, showing many friends they made. on january 25, the couple purchased bus tickets from peru to leim a. but everything went dark. the facebook posts stopped. and a search has been launched by family and friends, hoping the couple is in an area too remote for contact. a facebook page created to find the couple reports government officials confirm that they got off the bus in lima and got into a taxi, beyond that, there is no
8:41 am
confirmed information. >> anything could have happened since then, you know? i hope that she is just having a blast. and they're doing what they went to do, you know? but... had i not called you guys or anything and just waited... i mean, there is always that what if? >> reporter: the u.s. embassy has issued a warning to u.s. citizens, posting on the agency's web site, the embassy has received information that members of a criminal organization may be planning to kidnap u.s. citizenship tourists ... authorities are working together to keep the family informed. if have you any information, contact the american services.
8:42 am
>> eric: we certainly hope they can be found safely. >> jamie: thanks. >> eric: coming up, tens of thousands packing vatican square as pope benedict xvi leads his final probable prayer before he steps down later this week. coming up, we will have a monsignor here, talking about the historic resignation and a list of possible successors. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> on this sunday morning, history unfolding in vatican city. another last for pope benedict xvi, before he becomes the first pope in 6 hundred years to step down. this morning, a final blessing, 100,000 worshippers crowding st. peter's square, cheering
8:47 am
pope benedict. he will resign on thursday and the campaign to find a successor -- well, that seemed underway. monsignor james asanti is the pastor of our lady of lords from new york. always good to see you. good morning on this sunday morning. >> good to be with you again, eric. >> eric: what do you think will be guiding the cardinal and the conclave next month in terms of possible candidate snitches it is interesting to watch what has happened. when he first resigned, we loved that he had the courage to say, i can't do there and to celebrate him for being forward thinking and generous. now, since then, there has been a lot of activity to criticize what was not right with pope ben difnlght he wasn't a good administrator and should have been toughing on the finances of the vatican and all of that will be considered by the cardinals. they see the critical evaluation of the reign of the pope and they will be looking for a
8:48 am
candidate who can turn that around and make the vatican more transparent and end the scandals and the rumors of scandals in the past week, the italian press has been going crazy with all sorts of made-up scandals about the church. they will be looking for someone to put the negative stuff behind us and go forward and build the church again. i think that's the kind of candidate they are looking for. specifically, there are italians in the lead, two cardinals in italy. a cardinal who is an archbishop in argentina who is italian. i happen to believe that the north americans are still in the game. i mentioned last week with you that i thought cardinal golden would be wonderful. but i think cardinal francis george of chicago would be well respected, great theologian. >> eric: people think, they could never pick an american, that they would go with an
8:49 am
italian. but cardinal sandri, argentinian, but he is from italian parents, as you point out so that could alter this toward that south america area. >> well, eric, as you have spoken about before, the truth is that the church is booming in south america and africa. so we have to take seriously that a candidate from either of those continents would be well received by the larger church. but the votes are in italy and most of europe. for whatever reason, pope benedict strongly filled the college of cardinals with europeans. i am not sure what the reason for that is, but that's the reality. so my hope would be that if the argentin i didn't know is considered is that he would be supported by the ital yarngs he is family, he is italian. but the europeans dominate in the number of votes in the election. >> eric: do you think the european it's you have two candidates from ghana and
8:50 am
nigeria. that seems brave for them to go off and do that. but who knows? >> you know, the african cardinal from ghana and nigeria are wonderful, but the nigerian has only recently made cardinal. so most of the college don't know him. cardinal turkson from ghana is well known to them, he works in the vatican, known as a great theologian. he would be the more likely african candidate. but i don't know how you ignore success. when you look at church in africa and south america, you see the bomb booming vocations and the amount ofath lick who is live there and i don't know how you ignore that block. >> eric: do you give us insight? do they discuss this and talk about reaching out and this type of thing, like a marketing survey? how do they do this? >> they have discussions before the conclave. we will talk about the needs and the problems of the church and what kind of cabinets.
8:51 am
they will say, that guy's got the goods we need, but this is the kind of thing we need to be accomplished. and we must in voting consider this t. they are saying, you know that cardinal, he has administrative abilities, so they are saying it without saying it. they are clandestine by talk about this needs and the problems and the solutions and what kind of person can fix what needs to be fixed because there are some things that are seriously broken. >> eric: cardinal from milan, is he over there in the corner or the argentinian, with italian parents, i assume he's in argentina and he will show up -- how do they -- what do they do? >> i will give you an example. if they say, we need someone good in administration and has a pedestrianorral background, that means a bishop of a diocese, you look at skoala and you see the archbishop of misplan venis and
8:52 am
done a wonderful job. you are still saying a pastoral man, good admotorror, knows how it run a diocese and can tie up the loose ends, so you can name him without naming him. do the men know they are being talked about you? bet they do. >> eric: always great to see you. hope to see you next sunday as we continue this fascinating process for the future of the church. always good to see you. >> thanks. >> eric: we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. during the bass pro shops spring fishing classic save up to $100 more on a new reel when you trade one in. plus get a free gift card worth up to $1,000 with purchase of select new tracker and nitro boat packages.
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>> i love it. i am getting ready for hollywood's biggest night, what you can expect on the 85th annual academy awards. working the red carpet, live in hollywood. hi, dominic. >> reporter: hey, there, jamie. welcome to the dolbee feet nur hollywood where in a few hours, it the awards will be handed out. the red carpet was rolled out three days ago. we will show you where the stars are coming through. the intans is in the distance there. walking past the photographers and then they will talk to the tv crews as they come down the
8:57 am
carpet here. it's split up into two lanes. the celebrities walk on the left-hand side. and the mortals walk on the right-hand side. you have the bleachers have 700 lucky lottery winners will be seated to cheer on the celebrities. we will have a host who is known for r-rated material. he says he will do a p-g performance because it's not his normal performance. we'll see how borderline he gets. we will be talk about this main nominees. >> jamie: rented or owned tuxedo? >> reporter: say that again? oh, owned, absolutely owned. >> jamie: just checking. you look really swanky. take care, enjoy the show. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
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